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My aim is to give you an accurate and thought provoking psychic reading. I offer various methods, and they include  the following choices, Angel readings, psychic readings, tarot readings, psychic tarot readings. I also work with pure clairvoyance.I can link in and carry out spirit guide and angelic guidance by request.   I am a full-time genuine and accurate Psychic Im also quite a nice guy, or so I have been told!.

Hi I'm Liam, I am a full time working psychic and a very experienced psychic card and tarot reader. I'm a Cancer birth sign too which helps with empathy and sensitivity towards others. I have been working as an online psychic carrying out my psychic readings by email for over 7 years now, from my own site as well as the True Insight website. But I have worked in the psychic fields both face-toface and by post for over 20 years. My aim is to give guidance and psychic  advice to all that approach me regardless of their situation. sometimes just 1 piece of information will make all the difference and if I can be the one to bring the guidance through to you that makes me very happy.I like to explain things in my psychic readings so it is clear to you from the start.
I avoid using terms that may not be clear and i certainly avoid frightening people. I have found over the years with my psychic work that it is best to be straightforward, clear and concise with what i am seeing and hearing from spirit. I always aim to make my readings clear and answer the actual questions at the time so you get a good all round psychic reading. I am here for psychic advice, guidance and support. Sometimes I can throw light on a spooky situation for you and sometimes togther we can work towards changing things or bringing an errant love back for example. For the ladies it can help to have a male point of view too. My psychic readings are always completed with good and positive intent, and in a timely manner.
My psychic readings are available online- by email, or by post. I no longer carry out phone readings or face-to-face readings due to the amount of email requests that I now get. I also find I can complete an email reading at 5am or at midnight if thats how my day goes, but not many people want their phone reading at that time or to visit me in person! Why not have a look around my website and see if any of my psychic or tarot readings takes your fancy. If you have any queries please do get in touch, I like to hear from people, what they are looking for and what they feel they need.I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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These psychic readings  can be completed using any of these options, Angel readings. Psychic readings. Tarot readings. Psychic tarot readings Pure clairvoyance.